Szili is a young Hungarian native born in Romania. After his redemption, as he searched more and more for God’s purpose for his life, he came closer and closer to God’s mission for him. His heart is to minister through worship music, and although he has worked as a musician in many areas and served in churches, he is only now beginning his ministry as a full-time missionary worker. He feels challenged by this new chapter in his life and is grateful to God for the call. He joins the team of Schuller Zoli & Csilla and Szederjesi Enci & Robi  at YFC Târgu Mureș, where besides evangelism and spiritual leadership, his main tasks are music leadership and training young people in worship.

“As a worship leader, I feel most at home in serving God, and I want to share the transforming power of this with others. And while I feel that there are many areas of growth in my life, I want to grow in faith and obedience primarily as an instrument of God.”