We need you

Each year we need short term missionaries and outreach teams to help spread the Gospel to youth across Romania. We experience a high volume of children and villages that need ministries to help them grow, but do not have enough people to reach them all. Therefore we receive teams or individuals each summer that help us on Day Camps, Tent Camps and various other ways. If you would like to come on your own or with a team, we would love to have you.

we need you


The cost to participate at 1 outreach week varies depending on location.
For upcoming weeks and costs, scroll down!

Program & Logistics

You can expect to have the following itinerary in a week:

  • one day for arrival and orientation.
  • five days of ministry and activities with youth.
  • one day for relaxing/tourism in Romania.

There are a number of airports in Romania, Bucharest International Airport (OTP) being the main airport in the South, along with Cluj and Sibiu in Transylvania. There are some more airports in different locations. We have staff across the country and could discuss the best airport to fly into depending on where you will serve.

If you are not an EU citizen, you can stay in Romania as a tourist for 90 days within a 180 day period including: USA, Canada, Australia and others. You will need a passport that has more than 6 months validity from when you enter Romania. 

As an EU citizens you can use any ID with 6 months validity from when you enter Romania.

Program & Logistics
About Romania

Useful info when travelling to Romania

The national language in Romania is Romanian, though Hungarian is also common in Transylvania. We have translators for those that speak English or French.

The national currency in Romania is RON (known as Lei). You do not need to exchange any money for this trip as we cover all costs, however if you would like to purchase items within Romania, there are many currency converting agencies in each big city. Euros and Dollars are not accepted at stores in Romania.

Romania uses the standard European wall power plug.

Summer Outreach 2020 (only french speaking)

Mission Trip: Moreni

9-15 July 2023

Mission Trip: Bratasanca

17-23 July 2023

Mission Trip: Augustin

22-30 July 2023

Mission Trip: Oradea

29 July – 7 August 2023