YFC History

YFC International

For over seventy years Youth for Christ has been communicating the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to young people. Youth for Christ was born in the mid-1940s through God’s calling that simultaneously prompted dozens of leaders in various places to focus on the young people that churches couldn’t reach.

This led to young evangelists leading mass rallies in many cities under the name of Youth for Christ throughout the USA and worldwide. With the rapid expansion of the movement there soon arose a need for leadership and organisation. In 1944, Chicago pastor Torrey Johnson was elected Youth for Christ’s first president with Billy Graham as the first full-time evangelist.

Billy Graham

1937: Many evangelistic events started in the United States under the name of Youth For Christ.

1944: YFC was officially born with Torrey Johnson as the President and Billy Graham as the first full-time staff.

1946: YFC started in Europe.

1947: YFC started in Asia and Africa becoming a worldwide movement.

Today: YFC is represented in more than 100 nations all over the world.

See more: yfci.org

YFC Romania

1992: Mark Montgomery brought Myung Soo to Romania to encourage him to start YFC Romania. In May that year Myung Soo moved from Belgium to Romania.

1993: YFC Romania began many events all over the country. One of the main successes of YFC Romania were the prayer triplets.

YFC Romania

1997: On the 25th of June YFC Romania became an officially registered NGO. Myung Soo was appointed as the National Director. Evódia Budai was one of the main volunteers.

2011: JP Longeron became the National Director, while Myung Soo became the Board Chair. They reorganized YFC Romania which allowed them to hire their first two Romanian staff members: Ștefan Grancea and Cornelia Sbircea. With Ștefan and his wife Emilia joining the team, YFC’s Roma ministry started.

2015: Youth Music Fest became a YFC Romania event. A few hundred teens gathered for this unique Romanian festival.

2017: Sorin Mihalache was hired by YFC Romania to develop a music ministry and together with his wife serve the youth in their village.

2018: Zoli Schuller and his wife Csilla were hired to develop a ministry among Hungarian young people. Mark and Adrianna Brown served with YFC Romania for 3 months over the Summer.

2019: Another couple, David and Rebeca Clinkscales joined the team to start YFC in Slatina.

Staff & Board having fun

2019: After many prayers, fasting and long discussions the board of YFC Romania unanimously decided to launch a campaign called ‘3000 Steps’. We aim to:

  • Buy Poarta Oilor (a campsite in the middle of Romania).
  • Grow the staff from 10 to 30 members in the coming 3 years.
  • Reach 2000 youth every week.
  • Reach 5000 youth yearly.

2020: Dániel Budai joined the team and Emese Nagy was hired as a director assistant.

The ministry of YFC Romania is now present in 6 different areas: Augustin, Brătășanca, Gârbova, Oradea, Slatina and Târgu Mureș.

2021: While the world was still hit by different COVID restrictions, YFC Romania kept growing in mysterious ways. Adi Ognean joined the team.

2022: YFC Romania is now active in 9 different cities : Augustin, Brașov, Brătășanca, Gârbova, Moreni, Oradea, Slatina, Târgu Mureș and Zalău.

2023: Adal & Miranda Hawkins stepped in as Interim National Directors, while JP was on sabbatical. They also started to manage Poarta Oilor, as the previous managers Thomas and Coralie Gyger moved back home to Switzerland.