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We have been moved by God to:

  • Buy a campsite with a capacity of 135 people: View
  • Build 3 drop-in centers and invest in new material such as vans and festival equipment: View
  • Grow our staff/missionary team from 10 to 30 people and improve the low salaries that they currently receive: View
Poarta Oilor

With the goal to:

  • Reach 2000 youth every week (currently 300 in 2019)
  • Reach 5000 youth every year (instead of 1000 in 2019)

We will reach this goal if 3000 people take 1 ‘step’.
1 step = €20/month for 3 years.

1035 steps

have been taken so far

1. Campsite: Poarta Oilor

Poarta Oilor is an 8100m² campsite in Gârbova, Romania.

The complex is the perfect place for Summer camps, conferences, church retreats and team outreaches. It is located in the center of Romania, 40 minutes away from Sibiu international airport.

Founded in 2002 by Frits and Tineke Sleeswijk Visser, Poarta Oilor started as a bed and breakfast and has grown every year since. The owners were praying for a Christian organization to take over the campsite and its ministry and YFC Romania felt moved by God to take a step of faith and buy it.

Poarta Oilor includes three buildings for accomodation (35 rooms in total) with a conference hall, kitchen, restaurant, playground, camping area and a swimming pool. The facility will become YFC Romania’s headquarters and it creates an opportunity for the ministry to expand.

Currently Poarta Oilor hosts guests, retreats and camps all year round, with Summer being the peak season. The complex is self-sustaining and it generates revenue that YFC Romania could partially reinvest in ministry.

Poarta Oilor
YFC staff

2. Staff needs

When we started the 3000 Steps campaign in 2019, all YFC Romania staff had to raise 100% of their salary, all this in a country where wages are very low and fundraising way too difficult. With your help we will be able to increase the salaries of each Romanian staff and to hire new staff for reaching more youth.

With your contribution to making the ‘3000 Steps’ campaign a success, we will be able to:

  • increase the salaries of each local staff member by 25%
  • hire 20 new staff members
  • provide a more secure workplace

Staff are the key to effective ministry. We appreciate their commitment. Help us to give them enough support for covering their needs.

3. Drop-in centers, vans and ministry equipment

Since 1997 YFC Romania has been serving the youth with very little or no equipment. The only real investment has been – thanks to Foundation For The Nations – a van that is regularly used for running Summer camps and transporting mission teams.

Staff are still in need for material that can be used at their weekly activities with youth and children.

Whilst praying for the expansion of YFC Romania as a ministry, we have been convinced it is time to:

  • build 3 drop-in centers (in Augustin, Brătășanca and Târgu Mureș)
  • make a soccer field for young people (in Augustin)
  • purchase 3 vans
  • invest in festival equipment
  • buy equipage for sport, music and ministry activities
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