Youth For Christ International

For over seventy years, Youth for Christ has been communicating the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to young people. Youth for Christ was born in the mid-1940s through an impulse from the heart of God that simultaneously touched dozens of leaders in different places with a concern to reach young people normal church channels were missing.

This led to dynamic young evangelists, using revolutionary methods, conducting lively mass rallies in dozens of cities under the name of Youth for Christ, in the USA and abroad. With the rapid expansion of the movement there soon became a need for leadership and organisation and in 1944 Chicago pastor Torrey Johnson was elected Youth for Christ’s first president, with Billy Graham as its first full-time evangelist.

1937 : Many evangelistic events start in the United States under the name of Youth For Christ.

1944 : YFC officially is born, with Torrey Johnson as the President, and Billy Graham, as the first full-time staff.

1946 : YFC is starting in Europe.

1947 : YFC starts in Asia and Africa and become a worlwide movement.

Today, YFC is represented in more than 100 nations all over the world.  https://yfci.org/

Youth For Christ Romania

1992: Mark Montgomery brought Myung Soo to Romania to encourage him to start YFC. In May, Myung-Soo moved there from Belgium.

1993 : YFC began with many events all over the country. One of the main successes of YFC was the prayer triplets.

1997: On the 25 June 1997, YFC Romania became an official registered NGO. Myung Soo was installed as the national director. Evodia Budai was one of the main volunteer.

2011: JP Longeron become the national director while Myung Soo become the board chair. They reorganize YFC Romania which allow to hire the 2 first staff (Stefan and Cornelia) in 2013. Different weekly local work develop in different part of Romania.

2017: Youth Music Fest becomes a YFC event. Sorin is hired by YFC the same year.