3000 STEPS

Help us reach 5000 youth per year!

We have been moved by God to:

  • Buy a campsite a capacity of 135 people.

  • Build 3 drop-in centers and invest in new materials such as vans and festival materials.

  • Grow our staff/missionary team from 10 to 30 people and improve the low salaries that they currently receive.

With the goal to:

  • Reach 2000 youth every week (currently 300 in 2019)

  • Reach 5000 youth 5000 youth every year (instead of 1000 in 2019)

We will reach this goal if 3000 people take 1 step.

1 step = 1 pledge of 20€ a month for 3 years.

1. Campsite Poarta Oilor

Poarta Oilor is a campsite of 8.000 square meters situated in Garbova, close to Sibiu. 

Ideally situated ( almost in the middle of Romania, few minutes from the highway, 40 minutes from the International Airport of Sibiu), Poarta Oilor is the perfect place to organize conferences, church retreats, team outreaches and summer camps.

Composed of an holiday center (35 rooms) open all year long, a playground for kids, a camping place, a swimming pool, a place for summer camps (7 more rooms of 8 beds each), this place will offer YFC Romania a real headquarter, and a huge capacity to expand its ministry work. 

2. Staff needs

With your help, if this campaign is a success, YFC Romania will be able to :

  • increase every salary of every local staff by 25%

  • hire 20 more staff

  • give more security and better reward to missionaries and staff who left sometimes very comfortable situations to serve God.  

STAFF are the KEY to effective ministry. Let’s surround them and encourage them by giving them the adequate salaries that can cover their needs.

3. Resources

As we prayed about the growth of YFC Romania, we thought it was time to :

  • build 3 drop-in centers (Augustin, Bratasanca, Targu Mures)

  • build a soccer field place for young people (Augustin).

  • Invest in 3 more vans

  • invest in some really needed material for our festival.

  • invest in many “small” sport, music and ministry material.

76 steps

Have been taken so far


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